Drying Services in Central Oregon

Drying has become a science – a science of temperature, humidity, and air movement. It takes educated, trained and experienced professionals to properly dry water affected materials, and Cornerstone Blue Property Restoration is staffed by such professionals. The process starts with the knowledge to remove materials that cannot be dried. This expertise is inherent at Cornerstone. Materials that can be dried are then appropriately treated and dried.

We know that unexpected damage to your home or business is a stressful situation that needs immediate attention. This is why Cornerstone Blue Property Restoration responds anytime, day or night, to secure the property and keep its contents safe. We aim to provide the best protection possible so that you don’t have to worry about further damage.

Cornerstone employs the highest technology with air movers and dehumidifiers to dry materials, and we use the right equipment for the job. Cornerstone uses various moisture detection devices to assess damage and monitor drying process.

In order to deliver industry leading results, Cornerstone Blue Property Restoration utilizes heat-assisted drying in many of our projects. Proper use of high-heat means drying time is greatly reduced, and most jobs, no matter how wet, are dried in just three days!


Immediate 24/7 Support

No matter what caused the home or business to be compromised, rest assured that we at Cornerstone understand how important it is to protect it.

Damage Repair Services

Damage Repair Services