Water Damage Repair in Central Oregon

Cornerstone is experienced and trained to mitigate, repair and restore damage from water. Our experienced staff is certified by the nation’s top agency. We assess water damage, evaluate the necessary scope of repairs, create an accurate estimate, dry all affected materials and restore the property to its pre-loss condition.

When Cornerstone arrives on site you will discover that the people you meet are professional in their actions and respectful of your property. We understand that it is important for us to act quickly and efficiently. It is equally important for us to be sensitive to the personal effect of the loss. Cornerstone understands that each job is more than a job, since it is someone’s home or business and the damaged property is personal and meaningful to them.


Assessing damage from water takes more than a keen eye; it takes training, experience and equipment. Cornerstone’s personnel are trained experts in locating the source of the damage and identifying all affected materials. First of all, we use industry leading moisture detectors to locate those materials that are affected, even though they may appear not to have been. Identifying all water damage is key to determining the complete scope of repairs.

Cornerstone quickly creates an estimate of repairs for the water damages. This estimate is key in obtaining timely approval from the insurance company. We provide timely, accurate and well organized estimates, which facilitate insurance company approval.


The first step in water damage is water removal, which we accomplish with high volume extraction equipment. Once the water is removed, the focus turns to drying those affected items that can be salvaged. We use state of the art drying equipment composed of fans, dehumidifiers and when needed heat drying. Our heat drying, typically used in cold conditions, greatly reduces drying time. Therefore, we are able to quickly begin the restoration process and return the insured to the home or business.

In addition, when it comes to the restoration and reconstruction of the property, Cornerstone stands alone. We are construction experts, with an eye for detail and a standard for quality. No matter how large or how small the project, we approach each and every one with our high standard of quality. As a result, we are proud of the work we do and eagerly show our work to the home or business owner throughout the process and when the project is completed.


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No matter how large or how small the project, Cornerstone Blue approaches each and every job with our high standard of quality.

Damage Repair Services

Damage Repair Services