Smoke Damage Repair in Central Oregon

Cornerstone Blue Property Restoration’s experienced staff knows that not all smoke damage is visible. In the case of a severe fire, smoke often collects on the surface and its presence is obvious. But even in a large fire, the pressure of the fire forces smoke into wall cavities and behind finishes, where if not treated will cause odor.

In other cases such as smaller fires and grease and other forms of protein fires, the smoke damage is not so evident. Cornerstone’s highly trained staff knows just how to search for and identify smoke damage. Whether the smoke is visible to the naked eye or not, we know just how search it out.

And why is it so important to search out the smoke? Because untreated smoke damage will cause continual odor and decay. So thorough detection of the extent of the scope damage is ever so important.

But the damage is not just done by fire, smoke damage is often unseen but equally damaging. Cornerstone’s experienced teams know how to track, trace and identify smoke damage even when not visibly apparent. We understand the importance of locating all smoke damaged materials and are experts in mitigating the effects of smoke to building materials and personal items.

Once the extent of the damage is assessed, Cornerstone creates the proper mitigation plan, utilizing industry best practices and equipment. Cleaning agents, ozone machines, thermal foggers and air scrubbers are several of the methods Cornerstone Blue Property Restoration employs to remediate the effect of smoke damage… forever!


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We guarantee that all odor caused by smoke will be permanently removed from your home, business or personal items.

Damage Repair Services

Damage Repair Services