Fire Damage Repair in Central Oregon

Fire Damage is one of the most frightening occurrences, as lives in addition to property are threatened. Cornerstone takes the fear out of repairing fire damage. Our experienced crews work quickly to save personal belongings, assess the fire damage and smoke damage, determine the overall scope of repairs and subsequent estimate and start on the reconstruction process.

Our immediate response assures that all savable items will be just that… saved. Cornerstone knows that your possessions are not only personal but are sentimental and often irreplaceable and we respond with the goal to save them.

After responding immediately and completing efforts to save the belongings, Cornerstone assesses the structural damage of fire. In addition to our own expertise, we don’t hesitate to bring in licensed structural engineers to assess the fire damaged building. Accurate structural damage assessment is key to an accurate scope of repairs.

But the damage is not just done by fire, smoke damage is often unseen but equally damaging. Cornerstone’s experienced teams know how to track, trace and identify smoke damage even when not visibly apparent. We understand the importance of locating all smoke damaged materials and are experts in mitigating the effects of smoke to building materials and personal items.

Cornerstone completes fire damage restoration in a fraction of the time it takes others. We use accelerated construction processes where we know just how to overlap activities and early order long-lead items.


Immediate 24/7 Support

Cornerstone guarantees complete satisfaction upon completion of the restoration. We guarantee that no trace of the fire or smoke damage will be seen, smelled or otherwise known. The true meaning of pre-loss condition means just that — you will not know the property was ever damaged by fire.

Damage Repair Services

Damage Repair Services