When disaster strikes choose Cornerstone Blue

Cornerstone Blue Property Restoration provides 24/7 damage and emergency repair services as well as restoration to your property in the event of a disaster including damage from fire, smoke, water, mold, wind, trees, and hail. Cornerstone Blue is fully staffed and equipped to handle any disaster and emergency repairs due to fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, mold damage, wind damage, tree and hail damage.

Cornerstone Blue offers Residential & Commercial Restoration Services

Large Loss or Small Repair, it makes no difference at Cornerstone Blue. We rebuild large loss damage with our fast track approach, saving time and money to our clients. We also respond to and repair small losses with completion often just in a day or two.

Fire Damage Repair

Cornerstone Blue will respond immediately to mitigate damage to the building and contents, then determine scope of damage, and prepare a detailed and accurate cost estimate. Our work includes analysis and engineering of structural damage, obtaining required permits, and an industry leading accelerated construction schedule to quickly get you back into your home or business.

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Water Damage Repair

From 24/7 emergency response to clean up and drying to accelerated reconstruction, Cornerstone Blue performs all phases of water damage repairs. Whether it be a small loss that can be dried and repaired in a few days or a large loss that requires extensive drying and reconstruction, our approach ensures the repairs will be done thoroughly and you will be back in your home or business in short order.

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Wind Damage Repair

Whether it is a few roof shingles, a complete fence, or an uplifted pole barn, Cornerstone Blue repairs all degrees of wind damaged property. Our repairs include emergency tarps and weather protection.

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Smoke Damage Repair

Cornerstone Blue Property Restoration’s experienced staff knows that not all smoke damage is visible. In the case of a severe fire, smoke often collects on the surface and its presence is obvious. But even in a large fire, the pressure of the fire forces smoke into wall cavities and behind finishes, where if not treated will cause odor.

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Tree Damage Repair

A falling tree can do everything from glance off the side of the house to cause severe integral and structural damage – so be sure that all the damage is assessed! Cornerstone Blue will arrive on site, have the tree expertly removed from the building, and thoroughly assess the damage to the home or business. All repairs will be completed with the highest quality and attention do detail.

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Disaster Repair

Whatever your disaster repair need may be, Cornerstone Blue can provide it. Our expertise and job specific equipment, combined with commitment to communication, guarantees a smooth and stress free restoration.

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